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4 Top Tips for Surviving the Wedding Season

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It’s that time of year - the wedding invitations are flowing in and it’s time to start planning your wedding outfit.  Whether you are super excited or totally stressed out we want to make your wedding experience as easy and pain free as possible. 

We have dressed hundreds (not actually dressed them, you know what I mean!) and we know a thing or two about outfit shopping.  Allow us to share a couple of quick tips with you to get you in the mood:


Avoid the clash!

As a guest it’s a good idea to find out what colour the bridesmaids dresses are going to be. You want to avoid what the kids would call a "totes awky mo-mo" so its useful to make a few enquiries before you begin your dress shopping. 

Its a little harder to avoid clashing with other guests, so it may be useful to ditch the high street and go for the smaller boutique.  Its possible to find a really unique style at an affordable price - just visit Rockfrocks of course!  Also, if you give us the details of the wedding (or other event) you are attending we will put it in our book to ensure nobody else picks the same outfit for it - cool huh?

Jackie in a vintage inspired bridesmaid dress
Jackie chose a dress just below the knee, paired with a petticoat for that added oomph, some red shoes with black details and topped off with a cute bow belt


Keep an open mind

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from helping our lovely customers everyday is that there are only two rules - rule nothing in and rule nothing out!

A lot of the time people call to our shop or contact our website with a specific idea in mind.  However, when they call to our shop or browse our range online, they can end up opting for something completely different.

If you are unsure what to wear or just have some ideas in mind, we love nothing more than to come to the rescue and give you loads of more options.  So I guess the trick is to keep the options open, try and forget that bad experience you had with that dress you tried on 5 years ago – your next showstopper again could be just around the corner

This is a cute outfit - blue with white polka-dots and paired with matching pink belt and shoe


Comfort is king

Ok so we’ve all been there. You fall in love with a stunning pair of shoes that you HAVE to have - it doesn't matter if you can’t walk from the table to the sink in them! 

Bear in mind that wedding days are a marathon not a sprint - you want to be at your best if you want to be rocking out to Sweet Caroline at 2am or singing Willie McBride as the sun is rising. 

We can keep your toes tappin' with our range of Ruby Shoo’s. They are perfect for accenting your outfit whether you are a guest or looking for your perfect bridesmaid shoes or bridal shoes.  We can pair your outfit with a small heel, a strap, a wedge and we stock a range of colours and designs. Don't forget to pair them with matching handbags to put the finishing touches to your outfit.



Don't forget the weather forecast

We are based in Ireland - it is quite possible to wake up to the hottest day of the year, enjoy a quick hailstorm at lunch, endure some miserable rain for a few hours and end up sipping cocktails on the veranda with your sunglasses on by sundown.

So when it comes to wedding prep its no harm preparing for all eventualities.  To play it safe we have a great selection of dresses in-store this season with sleeves – they are a popular design feature and are much requested by our customers.  They also add the extra practicality for cold days.

On the other hand, if you are expecting great weather and opt for a dress without sleeves, its a good idea to have a nice bolero to hand which you can pop on in case it gets a little chilly. Bolero’s are a great addition to an outfit and they give you the flexibility to leave it on all night or take it off after the reception. Why not check out our selection of boleros?

vintage pinup girl with umbrella

This girl gets it!  She is prepared for all eventualities by bringing both an umbrella and a swimsuit

So thats it - some short but very useful advice for planning your outfit for a wedding! 

Don't forget, if you would like to ask our team anything (perhaps you are looking for some advice with accessories or don't even know where to start with your outfit) please get in touch by emailing us on, call us on +353 89 2148347 or call in-store in Athy, Co. Kildare

See you soon!

Cat x


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